We Will Remember You Forever

Waleed J. Iskandar

"Wherever he was, that became the best place in the world to be"

A Broken Heart

A Broken Heart

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~      ~ Happy New Year 2013 ~      ~

We wish you Happy New Year.
It is the New Year Day number 12 since you left this life.
We miss you much. We love you.
(January 1, 2013)
~      ~ Your uncle George (January 23 1935 - February 16 2013) ~      ~

After two years of fighting his lung cancer, uncle George passed away on Saturday February 16 at 1:35 PM. He joined all those we love in Heaven. He was seventy eight years old.
George was a good man. All those who knew him loved him and cherished his friendship. He never turned down any one who asked for his help. He will leave a huge void in his community.
My brother was a dedicated and loving husband and father. He always spoke highly of his family and loved them more than anything in life. Whenever I spent time with his family I could tell how much they loved each other. I will always be there for Eileen and Carl for anything they need.
I know that it will be very difficult for my family and I going forward without George in our lives. However, I also know that my brother would not want us to be overwhelmed with sadness. He was a very strong and positive individual and would always look for the best in any situation and would want us to do the same. Letís remember George for all of his great qualities and appreciate the time we spent with him. We should make sure that his memory lives on in all of us for as long as we live.
May the Lord rest his soul in Peace.
(February 16, 2013)
~      Easter Sunday 2013       ~

Our dear son,
This is the eleventh Easter Sunday since we lost you.
We plan today to go to the church and pray. But this year we will pray for you and for uncle George. We plan to visit the cemetery. We plan to take with us the usual roses and place them in your vase. But this year we will decorate George's vase too.
We miss you much.
We love you much.
George and Waleed

(March 31, 2013)
Today, August 25, is your Birthday. You would have been 46 years old.
Almost twlve years have passed since you left us. We will celebrate your Birthday with prayers. We have requested a mass in your memory.
After the mass, we will visit your niche at the cemetery.
This year we will adorn two vases with flowers. One for you and the other for uncle George.
We love you, son!
(August 25, 2013)
~      Wednesday September 11, 2013       ~

Every year on September 11 the events of this day in 2001 are repeated in my head like watching a video.
Today we will give a mass in your memory, visit the cemetery and think of the good times when you were with us.
This year is the twelve Anniversay. We will take with us two bouquets of carnation, one for you and the other for uncle George. Carnations as you know live the most amongst flowers.
We love you son. We miss you a lot.
(September 11, 2013)

Eileen George Iskandar (April 10, 1942-September 23, 2013

Your aunt Eileen passed away on Monday September 23 at 8:10 AM.
George and Eileen loved each other very much. In life they shared the good times and the beauty of it. In death they shared the same cancer of the lung. Now they will share eternal life in Heaven with all our loved ones.
She followed him seven monthes and seven days later.
May the Lord rest her soul and his soul in Peace.
(September 23, 2013)
~      Christmas 2013      ~

We wish you Merry Christmas.
Thirteen Christmases we have celebrated without you amongst us.
Today we will pray at mass. We will visit the cemetery, as we do every Christmas day. We will decorate your vase with the usual roses. We will spend the day remembering those times you celebrated Christmas with us.
We miss you very much.
We hope that we will meet with you one day
We love you.
(December 25, 2013)
~      ~ Happy New Year 2014 ~      ~

We wish you Happy New Year.
It is the 13th New Year Day since you left this life.
We miss you much. We love you.
(January 1, 2014)



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