Mother's Letter
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										Holiday Beach, Lebanon, 1988

I, Lody Bermans Iskandar, born Lody Said Haimary, write this with my full conscience and perfect health.
I may die any moment. I do not know when will the day arrive. I hope it will happen after a complete repentance of all my sins, 
a thorough confession and a Holy communion which will follow.

I thank the Lord who has created me surely with many privileges, because He Has bestowed on me his many Graces.
I am overwhelmed with the best of “Heaven’s Giving”.

What the Lord has given me, he did not give any other person. I am enjoying perfect joy in the bosom of my family 
(Perfect joy is “not perfect” because the real joy is found in Heaven only). “Happy are the Just Souls who taste it.

I ask my nine children and their families:
Romaine and her family, Jamil and his family, John and Rima, Joseph and his family, Georges and his family, Jules and his family, 
Antoine and his family, Maroun (I pray to God that he will have his family), and Pierre and Paula, I ask from them all to 
love one another sincerely, to stay for ever with their brotherly love for all their life and not to let anybody separate one from the other. 
Do not let the chain of brotherly love break. Let it be like pure steel, unbreakable, that everyone will keep the motto of the “Iskandar Family”: 
“One for ALL and All for ONE” against all odds.

To remain always good Christians.
Do not let anything distance you from your Faith in Christ. Practice your Catholic religion, Latin or Maronite.
Let no one change your good intentions and make each one of you be his own master and keep Faith in Christ, so you overcome your enemies.
May your wives and children follow in your steps.
May Christ bless all of you impartially in all and all the time.
Help each other mutually.
Love each other sincerely and faithfully.
Forgive each other tenderly.
In the name of your parents, Bermans and Lody, never offend one another.
We have loved you all equally without distinction and impartially. 
Think of us and love one another.
Think of us on the feast of “All Souls”, November 2, and if possible give a mass for the peaceful rest of our souls, a thousand thanks. 
May the Lord pay you back. 

Let my jewelry, which I have given each one of you on his wedding day, stay with the Iskandar family forever. Do not sell it. 
Do not let it go out of the family; a humble souvenir from your father, Bermans, and your mother, Lody. I still have some pieces of 
jewelry or silverware or of value, that you yourselves have offered me, I wish that each one of you take back the pieces he had offered me 
intact as I have received it, coupled with my benedictions and my big love and saying “Thank you my loved ones”.
The piece for my son Maroun is hidden in the steel box (Safe box) which is locked and hidden in my locked closet, to the right. 
The key is in my black handbag (numbered). Another copy of the key is in my large light beige bag. I think Maroun knows where the key can be found. 
Let him be in charge. 
Thank you.

My beloved daughter, Romaine, take my place. My dear child, in my name, look after all your brothers. You and Mona, the wife of Jamil, 
are the elders in the family. Make sure that the family meet together often.
May the Lord help you fulfil this request of mine, which I ask of you faithfully and sincerely with the Grace and the blessings of the Lord. Amen!

Jesus Mary and Joseph come to their help.
JMJ have pity on me.

Lody Iskandar


(Translated into English by Maroun B. and Joseph B. Iskandar)